What is magnesium’s role within the body?


Magnesium plays a critical role in the body. In particular, it is essential for a healthy nervous system, heart & muscle function, strong bone & teeth formation, reproductive system health, healthy blood sugar metabolism, optimizing energy production and cognitive function, healthy cardiovascular function, and muscle relaxation. If you are not getting enough you may experience the symptoms below...

Deficiency symptoms:

- Muscle Cramps, Spasms, Tics or Twitching

- Insomnia / Sleep Disorders & Vertigo

- Stress & Anxiety, Panic Attacks, & Depression

- Migraine Headaches, Hyperglycaemia, Osteoporosis

- Irregular Heart Rhythms, Hypertension

- Lack of Energy, Chronic Fatigue, Lethargy

- PMS, Morning Sickness, Thyroid Problems


Why We Made Pure Magnesium

We were driven to make our Pure Magnesium supplement because of the critical role the mineral plays in a person’s health and the huge American deficiency statistics. Some studies suggest that 75% of Americans do not meet their dietary requirements for magnesium, a truly incredible figure.

Magnesium is a mineral in high demand by our bodies, being used in over 600 different enzymatic processes within the body every day.

It is essential for the health of the heart and blood vessels, brain, bones, skeletal muscles, lungs, and the pancreas. Magnesium supports numerous mechanisms of action; for example, it relieves bronchial spasms, relaxes smooth and skeletal muscle, and is a cofactor in various enzymatic reactions necessary for energy production. Other magnesium mechanisms of action include modulating intracellular electrical activity and improving endothelial-dependent vasodilation, which supports heart and lung health.

When magnesium is deficient within our bodies, there are many different symptoms people experience, such as migraines, sleep disorders, depression, and muscle cramps.

It was a simple way we felt we could have a real impact on the way a person feels.


What Are The Benefits Of Taking Our Pure Magnesium?

Inner Calm

One of the most common benefits people feel from taking magnesium is a sense of inner calm; the ability to be able to cope with the stresses of daily living more easily.

Magnesium helps calm the nervous system and helps activate a neurotransmitter GABA, which is responsible for helping our brain & muscles relax and switch off for a better night’s sleep - enjoy falling to sleep more easily and experiencing a deeper night’s sleep.

The natural muscle relaxant can also help reduce the frequency and severity of headaches and migraines and is effective in treating muscle cramps and spasms.

Why Different?

When formulating our Pure Magnesium we’ve used a specific form of patented magnesium made by Albion Labs, which is a TRAACS magnesium. TRAACS is made up of 79% Magnesium bisglycinate buffered with 21% Magnesium Oxide.

If the load of Magnesium Oxide is limited, kept soluble, and then buffered to reduce its alkalinizing effect on small intestinal lumen, then bioavailability can be enhanced, side effects reduced, and Magnesium Oxide can deliver one of its most attractive characteristics - its high elemental content - without sacrificing tolerability or bioavailability.

Further, the benefit of using magnesium glycinate is that it is very gentle on the digestive tract. The magnesium is bound to two molecules of glycine, which protects the magnesium as it travels through the digestive tract. This allows it to get to the intestinal walls, where it is able to pass through to the cells and be utilized by the body. This overcomes the common complaint of stomach upsets or irritability often experienced with other forms of magnesium.

The glycine also enhances the magnesium’s solubility and absorption by decreasing the pH of the intestines. The glycine that takes up space on the magnesium molecule also decreases the propensity of the magnesium to bind with plant-based phytates that would otherwise interfere with its absorption. Ensuring the body can enjoy and reap the full benefits of the mineral!

Overall, Magnesium bisglycinate demonstrates better absorption than other magnesium supplements.

Many other companies selling magnesium use magnesium oxide because it is much cheaper to manufacture, but causes a laxative effect.


The magnesium we use is a highly absorbable form of magnesium, which means that people are able to take a lower dose to feel the effects of the magnesium, as the uptake by the body is so great.

Magnesium is one of the most important micronutrients required by the body.

Our philosophy when formulating is that our supplements only contain ingredients in their purest form and that are of benefit to the body. Therefore, our Pure Magnesium is free from any added nasties; magnesium stearate, gluten, soy, wheat, dairy, sugar, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives and contains the highest-grade magnesium.

You get exactly what your body needs – pure magnesium!

Furthermore, our Pure Magnesium has been carefully formulated to ensure ingredient form and quantity is scientifically proven to deliver results. To actually have a therapeutic effect on your body, because to us, what’s inside does matter.


What Are People Saying About Pure Magnesium?

K. Feathers

This product has helped my PCOS symptoms. I was taking a different brand, but it messed up my digestion. This one is easy to digest. My cramps and PMS has gotten better taking this along with Vitamin D and giving up coffee/caffeine! It's hard to do, but I experimented. When I gave coffee up, my stomach felt good all the time and my period wasn't painful, nor did I have PMS for very long. When I started drinking coffee again, my back pain came back and so did my cramps as well as about a 15 day PMS, which is not cool! Off the coffee again and feeling better!

Debra C.

I take one every night before bed. In my case these pills have many benefits. I use this to avoid muscle aches, as a booster for my immune system and to fight high blood pressure. It really helps fight depression and anxiety I feel the benefits every day having a restful nights sleep.

T. L.

We have used this magnesium for a couple years now & cannot be without it. I have to be very careful about getting too much magnesium in my system all at once b/c it will give me diarrhea. However, not this one as it does not cause me any problems ever and that means so much to me. Highly recommend this product. Very high quality! Always arrives on time and well packaged.


We stand by our Pure Magnesium and are confident that will support your body needs and take your health to the next level.

If you don’t love Pure Magnesium simply contact us within 60 days for a refund. No questions asked!