Immunity Booster

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60 Capsules
"I do have more energy since I started taking these. Best of all, I've had absolutely no side effects. Not even an upset stomach." Sandi
  • Fast Relief from colds & flu / Peak Immune Support
  • Respiratory Assist - Promote clear lungs, help reduce mucus and assist respiratory congestion
  • Natural, Pure and Gentle - Protect your body, without any of the Nasties. Highly Tolerable - Perfect for sensitive stomachs

Ingredients for Immunity Booster

Immunity Booster complex is a concentrated blend of botanical herbs and vitamins, in theraputic quantities, to fight cold & flu, provide respiratory support and the foundations for strong healthy immune function.
  • Green Chireta Extract

    Green Chireta Extract

  • Elderberry Extract

    Elderberry Extract

  • Zinc Citrate

    Zinc Citrate

  • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C

    as Ascorbic Acid

  • Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D3

    as Cholecalciferol

  • Selenium


Why Take Our Immunity Booster

Sick Of Being Sick? Is your immune system telling you something? More than ever, there is a very real need for people to strengthen and support their immune system, which is why we felt compelled to make our powerful Immunity Booster. Packed full of antioxidants and antiviral properties it contains key ingredients Vitamin C, D, E, B6, Zinc & Selenium, all known to fight cold & flu. PLUS, a concentrated botanical blend of Andrographis, Elderberry, Ginseng, Dandelion (& more) renowned for providing respiratory support and immune boosting properties. This supplement provides the foundations for a strong healthy immune system long-term and a speedy recovery short-term.

Delivering Results Our all-in-one complete supplement is perfect for optimal antiviral and cell defense and provides the foundations for supporting all of your immunity needs in just one single power packed pill. Customers report feelings of increased energy, fast relief from existing cold symptoms and long-term wellness.

Benefits Backed By Science

A Combination Of The Greats Research has proven the powerful impacts of Zinc, Vitamin C, D & Selenium on the body's ability to function, repair and defend itself for many years. More recently, complementary herbs rich antioxidants and antiviral properties are also pushing the boundaries when it comes to immune health. Duterine, Indigo Woad and Thorow Wax are renowned for treating respiratory tract infections, Elderberry extracts have been shown to reduce the severity and length of cold and flu, while Ginseng root has been reported to enhance resistance to illness. Further research has shown that Andrographis taken in combination with eleuthero can improve symptoms within 72hours of feeling sick. This formulation contains them all!

Supplements Are Not Created Equal This powerful multi-vitamin helps support and strengthens the immune system at a cellular level by optimizing the body's inflammatory response and neutralizing pathogen activity. In particular, the botanical herbs unique to this formula promote clear lungs, alleviate symptoms of sore throat & cold, help reduce mucus, treats respiratory congestion, and boosts energy levels naturally. So you can have peace of mind your doing everything you can do to strengthen your immune system and get ahead of what’s slowing you down!

Why choose us?

Therapeutic Doses

No Harmful Fillers & Preservatives


Dairy & Gluten

3rd Party Tested

USA Made

Product features.

  • Peak Immune Performance

    Acts to neutralize free radicals and enhances the body's inflammatory response; boosting your immune systems response time and enhancing long-term immune health.

  • The Complete Immune Strength Complex

    Containing Vitamin C, D, E, B6, Zinc & Selenium, plus a concentrated botanical blend of Andrographis, Elderberry, Ginseng, Dandelion (and more) - this supplement has everything you need!

  • Respiratory Assist

    Promotes clear lungs, alleviate symptoms of sore throat & cold, helps reduce mucus and assist respiratory congestion.

 Immunity Booster
  • Energy Boost

    Supports energy production

  • Natural, Pure and Trusted

    Contains only pure ingredients; nurture and protect your body, without any of the Nasties. Kosher and Halal friendly

  • Gentle

    Clinically proven to be highly tolerable and gentle on the stomach.

And much more...


Magnesium Stearate free


Gluten free

Zero preservatives & artificial colors

No Binders & fillers

Sugar free

Ingredients carefully chosen Pure. Gentle. Real Results.

Clinically formulated from 15 years’ experience

Happiness Guaranteed

We hope you love our products as much as we do - but if you don't, we'll take them back.

No charge - we promise.

Testimonial Videos

Great Combination.. Replace Multiple Supplements!!!

Great Combination.. Replace Multiple Supplements!!!

Symptoms...have almost disappeared!

Symptoms...have almost disappeared!

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for your question. Our Immunity Booster does not have any animal products in it, however the capsule is made from bovine (beef) gelatine. If you don’t want to take the capsule, you can always open up the capsule and mix the contents with something, such as apple sauce.
Thanks for your question. We have used non-gmo corn for our ascorbic acid, so that our Immunity Booster is completely GMO-free!
Thanks for your question. Our Immunity Booster pills contains 30mg of Zinc Citrate. Zinc citrate is ideal for those with low stomach acid or digestive disturbances, as it is a gentle and well absorbed form of zinc. It is a very important ingredient in our Immunity Booster, so we’ve ensured that you are getting a good dose of zinc with every capsule to effectively support your immune system.
Thanks for your question. Our Immunity Booster, just like all of our products, is manufactured right here in the United States, so you can take any of our products with confidence, knowing that they have been made in a GMP certified laboratory to the highest of standards.