Customer Reviews

Sharon Woodall

My painful Osteoporosis - in my left hip, part of my left leg and my lower spine - has been upgraded to Osteopenia and I'm pain free! Of course I do the weight bearing workouts recommended, too - but the workouts and other supplements made no difference. Only Bone Support made a difference. At 69 years old , many of my friends have various degrees of bone loss - I recommend Bone Support to all of them. Also recommend Bone Support to everyone reading this review. We don't have to live in pain, nor do we have to let our bones rot away. By the way, dancing to your favorite upbeat music is a fun way to get that weight bearing workout. (Bone Support)

Macie Zobel

"It has now been 7 months and I am still amazed at how well this helps my son!!! It has changed his life. No other formulation has ever worked this well. He has not had a cycle change at all in the last 7 months. Thank you so much! I recommend this product to any one who will listen. I'll say it again. This is truly a game changer for our son."(Pure Magnesium)

Krysta Hayes

This is the first iron supplement that I've tried that has lived up to what it says...for the first time I have no digestive complaints when I take iron! I also do not absorb iron well, but after taking this for 3 months, my hemoglobin and hematocrit levels came up, so this product does absorb very well.(Iron Plus)


"This magnesium is excellent quality. My doctor put me on magnesium to help with blood pressure and menopausal symptoms. She sold me another brand because of its purity. I switched to Pure Micronutrients magnesium because it is also pure (no fillers or artificial ingredients) and at half the price. This magnesium is a great value. I will buy it again for certain. Shipping is very fast too."(Pure Magnesium)


"Helps me sleep through the night" (Pure Magnesium)

Oscar Goldman

"I have been feeling great after taking this (Pure Magnesium).....used to have vertigo and migraine but so far since taking it I have had no problems"

Julia Bartholoma

"I was needing an iron supplement after a recent surgery, and just happened to find this one on Amazon. I was hoping it would be a good one that would get me back on my feet. So far after taking it for just one week, my energy levels have increased by almost 75%. It has two B vitamins, 6 & 12, along with folic acid and vitamin c, which help quite a bit with energy levels while the iron supplement is being absorbed. I am very pleased with this product and will buy it again in the future."(Iron Plus)

Nina Klein

"Really like this Magnesium supplement. Easy to swallow and seems to be of a good quality. I take this for many reasons, to help me sleep, to calm restless leg, and to allow Calcium to absorb more readily."


"I have had trouble digesting most calcium supplements, but not this one! I have no stomach upset and I am happy! I also like the fact that it includes Vit. K and a healthy amount of Vit. D. I look forward to the results of my next Dexa scan. I would recommend this product."(Bone Support)

Angela Morrow

"I have been using these for a about a month. I see a huge difference in my nails. I take a little more than the recommended dosage because I am iron deficient. I also noticed I have more energy which helps with my workout."(Iron Plus)

Paul Lancaster

"I will definitely plan to repurchase this product (Pure Magnesium). It has helped me with Lyme's disease muscle and joint pain."


"I take 400 mg every night and no stomach upset with this one. It does not make me go to the bathroom excessively, like some forms of magnesium. Most definitely helps me sleep at night. Love this stuff."(Pure Magnesium)


"I've always had a really difficult time taking iron supplements - as a kid & taking Flinstones, as a young adult trying to take prenatal vitamins to keep my growing baby healthy, to my mid-30's, when I tried taking multivitamin supplements. Always, I would feel horrible after taking them. I'm turning 40 soon, and I decided to try some vitamin supplements again. Rather than getting multivitamins, I chose a few that I've always had trouble taking and ordered them individually, or in small combined formats. One of my favorites is this Iron Plus by Pure Micronutrients. There's no funky aftertaste, no cramping, no heaviness in my midsection, and no pain while eating. It's been absolutely a pleasure to take my vitamins and feel better every day. I'm thrilled to have found an iron supplement that works for me, and I will continue ordering these in particular. Great deal, fantastic product. Very, very pleased!
The suggested dose is ONE per day, so this is a four-month supply, which is a great deal in my book! I chose this particular supplement to try because it also has the B-vitamins I was hoping to take (B6, B12), as well as Vitamin C & folic acid. I don't have to take them individually, but it was a small enough "multi" that I could narrow down where the problem would be if I had trouble taking them. Thankfully, there's no narrowing down needed. I haven't had a single bit of trouble!"

David Smith

"Absolute easiest magnesium on the tummy. The least laxative side effect of any magnesium supplement I have tried and I have tried many since I have had a bowel resection. It completely eliminates my nocturnal leg spasms and eye-crossingly painful leg cramps (like "Clydesdale" Charley Horses). I also take potassium gluconate to address these issues."(Pure Magnesium)

Alex Dixon

"Helped to raise my hemoglobin level after serious bleed out."(Iron Plus)

Amazon Customer

"I am 74 years old and broke my leg in 5 places 7 weeks ago and began taking Bone Support immediately as directed.New bone growth isn't usually visible on Xrays for at least 8 weeks,but at 6 weeks the Dr. was able to see new bone growth. I am more than happy and plan to continue Bone Support as part of my wellness program even after my leg is healed. Good stuff."


"I love that this supplement has vitamin k as mk7 & has all the supporting vitamins needed for the body to properly absorb it! That's a rare combination to come across in one supplement & I'm very happy I found this! Customer service is first class!"(Bone Support)

K. Feathers

"This product has helped my PCOS symptoms. I was taking a different brand, but it messed up my digestion. This one is easy to digest. My cramps and PMS has gotten better taking this along with Vitamin D and giving up coffee/caffeine! It's hard to do, but I experimented. When I gave coffee up, my stomach felt good all the time and my period wasn't painful, nor did I have PMS for very long. When I started drinking coffee again, my back pain came back and so did my cramps as well as about a 15 day PMS, which is not cool! Off the coffee again and feeling better!"(Pure Magnesium)


"I started taking these a couple months ago and my acne has cleared up so much! I had a lot of hormonal acne and then just skin irritation (probably from sitting at a desk all day and leaning on my hands all day. Too much face touching.) I try to never forget to take this every night. I stopped for about a week and had a breakout again. These really work. Especially if the acne is pms related. I wish I had before and after pics. Even the random pimples I do get now clear up so much faster. I've also seen an improvement in those bumps I have on my arms. I have a habit of picking my skin and these have cleared it up so much that there isn't much left for me to focus on. No longer destroying myself."(Pure Zinc)


"After having bought Caltrate and other famous brands available at grocery stores for years, I had a dexa scan and found out I was not making any progress on bone loss and was actually continuing to lose it! My husband and I have now switched to Bone Support in the hope that a professional grade calcium mineral complex will do a better job. I will find out with my next dexa scan. Since taking Bone Support, I have noticed I no longer get Charlie horses in my feet when I'm sleeping at night. For postmenopausal women and those deficient, I have also noticed the combination of nutrients and magnesium have a natural calming effect, making me feel back to my normal self. I feel I am really absorbing more of the nutrients with this brand than the other famous store brands. Bone Support is certainly worth a try if you have had persistent bone loss despite taking famous store brands."

Harold E Curtis jr

"I am 74 years old and broke my leg in 5 places 7 weeks ago and began taking Bone Support immediately as directed.New bone growth isn't usually visible on Xrays for at least 8 weeks,but at 6 weeks the Dr. was able to see new bone growth. I am more than happy and plan to continue Bone Support as part of my wellness program even after my leg is healed. Good stuff."