Our Story


Inspired by personal health struggles and a journey of seeking answers, comes a science-based supplement range, that contain ingredients in their purest forms that the body can absorb, and in quantities that have therapeutic benefit.

Our Philosophy:

Your micronutrient levels are at the core of your energy levels, immune defence, peak performance and ultimately your longevity.  The world we live in is changing; quality of our food sources is changing and with it so too our thinking is shifting.

Depleting soil nutrients, pesticides / herbicides and our desire for cleanliness, means our bodies are not able to rely on traditional ways to get the necessary vitamins & minerals required.  

Supplementation has become a necessity for optimal health.  To nurture the gut, avoid disease, strengthen the body’s natural defences, optimize organ function, bone & muscle strength, heighten energy and ultimately increase longevity.  Supplementation is the natural medicine that encapsulates all that Mother Nature intended.

This is how we Think, and how we Deliver:

• Our love is science – proven bioavailability, proven therapeutic benefit
• Our ingredients are pure - Mother Nature is our inspiration, nothing added, only ingredients that are of benefit to your body.
• Our people care – because we have been there!

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Our Processes:

Science is the foundation by which we formulate.  Clinically backed, our custom formulations are designed to deliver results.  Ingredients are chosen based on their bioavailability, allergen propensity and natural origins.  Quantities are determined based on clinical results for therapeutic benefit.

All of our products are free from magnesium stearate, gluten, wheat, yeast, soy, sugar, salt, dairy, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.  We only put in what your body can benefit from.

From ingredient harvest, refinement, to bottling, we don't just meet standards we exceed them.

Our manufacturing facilities adhere to strict cGMP & FDA standards.  All of our products go through rigorous 3rd-party testing, so you can trust we are delivering on what we promise.   

A personal commitment to science and clean pure sourcing delivers peace of mind that you know exactly what you are putting into your body.  That is why we also guarantee our products for life.

Our Care:

Care is the reason we do what we do.  We know first-hand how good it feels to know you are taking the best care of yourself.  We are here to provide peace of mind; quality products to impact your wellbeing, that of your families and the world around us.    

Our care extends beyond delivering quality nutritional health supplements.  With nearly 37 million people facing hunger in the U.S, we’re also supporting Feeding America - a charity connecting people with food to end hunger.