Pure Magnesium

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180 capsules
“Excellent Product. Best magnesium l have found. Helps sleeping at night with no foot spasms.” IMHO
  • Supports muscle relaxation, recovery, muscle cramps and pms
  • Nervous system support; assisting with mood, headaches, migraines and sleep quality
  • Helps normal heart rhythm and function, while keeping your blood pressure in check.
  • Supports bone development, growth and health

Ingredients for Pure Magnesium

Not all magnesium supplements are created equal! Containing Magnesium Bisglycinate, our Pure Magnesium has been clinically proven to be 8 times more absorbable then other forms and highly tolerable. So you can ensure fast results without any nasty side-effects!
  • Magnesium Bisglycinate

    Magnesium Bisglycinate

    Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate Buffered

Why Take Our Magnesium

Involved in over 600 reactions within the body daily: Nervous System Regulation, Converting Food into Energy, Repairing DNA and RNA, muscle relaxation and healthy cardiovascular function just to name a few! Magnesium plays a critical role in a person's health and is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies seen in people!

A Key Ingredient. Our form of magnesium has been clinically proven to be up to 8 times more absorbable than other forms! The magnesium is bound by two molecules of glycine, which protect the magnesium as it travels through the digestive tract. This overcomes the common complaint of stomach upsets or irritability, constipation/diarrhea often experienced with other forms. Perfect for the sensitive stomach and achieving quick results!

Benefits Backed By Science

A Common Deficiency More than 65% of Americans don't get enough of this key mineral contributing to it being one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the developed world. Maintaining healthy Magnesium levels is important for heart health, optimal blood pressure, balanced mood, blood sugar control, muscle relaxation and sleep optimization.

Supplement Benefits The quality of our food sources is changing, which means our bodies are not able to rely on traditional ways to get the necessary vitamins & minerals required. Pure Magnesium is an ideal magnesium supplement for those who are experiencing muscle fatigue, cramps or twitching, Headaches or Mirgraines, Insomnia, unbalanced mood, anxiety or stress, Osteoporosis, irregular heart rhythms, PMS, lack of energy or thyroid problems. Utilizing a Proven Highly Absorbable and Tolerable form of Magnesium, Pure Magnesium ensures faster acting results.

Why choose us?

Therapeutic Doses

No Harmful Fillers & Preservatives


Dairy & Gluten

3rd Party Tested

USA Made

Product features.

  • Sleep Easy

    Balances melatonin and other hormones so you can enjoy a deep restful sleep

  • Muscle Relaxation & Recovery

    Quickly ease muscle cramps, PMS, headaches, Migraines so you can stay active

  • Mood / Anxiety

    Supports a healthy nervous system to create an inner calm; feel relaxed and at ease

 Pure Magnesium
  • Bone Development, Growth & Health

    Magnesium plays a critical role in bone density & strength.

  • Heart Health

    Supports normal heart rhythm, plaque build-up while keeping your blood pressure in check!

  • For Sensitive Stomachs

    Clinically proven to be highly tolerable and gentle on the stomach!

And much more...


Magnesium Stearate free


Gluten free

Zero preservatives & artificial colors

No Binders & fillers

Sugar free

Ingredients carefully chosen Pure. Gentle. Real Results.

Clinically formulated from 15 years’ experience

Happiness Guaranteed

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Testimonial Videos

Helpful with Reducing High Blood Pressure!

Helpful with Reducing High Blood Pressure!

It's A Game Changer!

It's A Game Changer!

Thank you, You've Really Made an Impact on our Sleep!

Thank you, You've Really Made an Impact on our Sleep!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our magnesium supplement, Pure Magnesium contains Magnesium Bisglycinate, which is a highly absorbable amino acid chelate.The magnesium is bound to two molecules of Glycine, which allows it to pass through the gastro intestinal tract without breaking down until it gets to the intestines where the body is able to optimize and utilize it. This means that it is far less likely to cause gastrointestinal symptoms, such as stomach cramps, constipation or diarrhoea and is highly absorbable.
Yes! Our Pure Magnesium formula does not contain any genetically modified organisms. It is 100% GMO-FREE. We endeavour to produce all of our products, where possible, to be Non - GMOHow large are the magnesium capsules? Our Pure Magnesium capsules are small, about 20mm’s in length. Being capsules rather then tablets, they are also easier to swallow and digest.
No! All of our products are Magnesium Stearate free. As we are able to produce high-quality supplements without using magnesium stearate, we choose to leave it out of all of our products.
As with any supplement, Pure Magnesium takes time to work. Everyone is different, and will have a different level of magnesium deficiency, so it is very difficult to give a definitive answer. That said, some people notice a difference almost immediately, while others may take a few months to get their magnesium levels up to the recommended levels. Some people find that they need to take it every day, if their diet is low in magnesium. You will be the best judge on how it is working for you. I suffer from leg cramps, my doctor recommended a magnesium glycinate supplement.
Yes! Pure Micronutrients’ Pure Magnesium is made from Magnesium Bisglycinate. Clinical trials have found that this form of magnesium is effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of leg cramps in pregnant women.
Our Pure Magnesium is Gluten free! It is also free from magnesium stearate, sugar, salt, dairy, yeast, wheat, soy, preservatives, artificial colors and artificial flavors.