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Iron Plus

Pure Micronutrients Iron Plus contains 25mg of iron as amino acid chelate (bisglycinate), which is gentle on the stomach, highly bioavailable and a well-tolerated form of iron. It has been clinically shown to be a highly absorbable form of iron, with fewer side effects than ferrous sulfate, minimising the risk of stomach upsets or constipation. Iron Plus also contains Vitamin C to help with iron absorption, as well as B6, B12 and folic acid to help with red blood cell formation. It may help men and woman who have an increased requirement for iron, or whose dietary intake may be inadequate. This includes women who are pregnant or lactating, as iron is required for normal, healthy growth and development of the foetus; vegetarians, whose diet may be low in iron; as well as the elderly, and those experiencing blood loss, such as from menstruation.


Signs and Symptoms of low iron:

  • feeling tired and lethargic
  • decreased resistance to infection
  • brittle hair
  • pale-coloured nails
  • ridged, spoon shaped, flat nails
  • impaired cognitive function and motor function
  • low body temperature
  • pale inside lower eyelid or mouth

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