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Pure Mushrooms

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NURTURE YOUR BODY, MIND & SPIRIT – By combining 5 of the most researched mycological species in concentrated volumes, Pure Micronutrients deliver an organic wellness formula unlike any other: Enhance immune function, boost natural energy, heighten mental clarity, calm the mind and more. Clinically proven, tried & tested, superior quality, high potency - health enthusiasts get excited!

IMMUNE BOOSTER / ENERGY PLUS – Grab all that life has to offer. Specifically designed to maintain & promote optimal NK & T-cell activity, enhance cytokine production, optimize macrophage activity and increase the activity and number of dendritic cells, all of which are the foundations for a strong healthy immune system, supporting health vitality & longevity

MEMORY, FOCUS & CLARITY - Sharpen your mind. This formula contains compounds; hericenones & erinacines that are known to stimulate the growth of brain cells. Together with other properties that assist the cerebral & nervous system, cognitive function & performance is supported; boosting focus & mental clarity, the ideal brain supplement

ORGANIC, NATURAL & PURE - From the local farmlands of California, our organic mushrooms are carefully harvested & delivered directly to our state of the art processing centre, then shipped to our GMP certified encapsulations facility right here in the USA. This streamlined process allows for some of the most natural, pure and freshest mushroom extract in the industry. So you can reap the benefits without any concern

TRUSTED – #1 Practitioner Grade, USA Made, with a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back, order with confidence, risk free!

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