Pure Zinc

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"This has been the first zinc supplement I've found that I can take and it doesn't upset my stomach." Trista
  • Fast Relief from colds & flu / Peak Immune Support
  • Skin Repair and Clarity, Hair Growth
  • Boosts Energy & Supports reproductive health
  • Perfect for sensitive stomachs and use during pregnancy.

Ingredients for Pure Zinc

Boost energy, strengthen immunity & discover why so many are raving about our about Pure Zinc! Unlike zinc citrate, oxide or gluconate, Pure Zinc's formulation dramatically increases bioavailability, without creating digestive discomfort - perfect for a sensitive stomach and achieving results fast!
  • Zinc Bisglycinate

    Zinc Bisglycinate

    Albion Labs: TRAACS® Bisglycinate Chelate

Why Take Our Pure Zinc

Playing A Critical Role Zinc is an essential mineral for cell function and healthy tissue development & repair, in particular, promoting a healthy reproductive system, strong immune response and supporting skin, hair and eye health. Yet it is a mineral our bodies can't produce or store. For this reason, everyone must get a constant supply through their diet or supplementation.

A Key Ingredient. Unlike zinc citrate or oxide which are poorly absorbed and cause stomach upset, Pure Zinc provides zinc in a superior and safer form. The zinc is bound to the amino acid glycine and this combination dramatically increases its bioavailability, without creating digestive discomfort - perfect for the sensitive stomach and achieving results fast!

Benefits Backed By Science

An Essential Mineral The quality of our food sources is changing, which means our bodies are not able to rely on traditional ways to get the necessary vitamins and minerals required. Zinc is an essential trace mineral, meaning our bodies can't produce or store it. It is the second most abundant trace mineral in your body (after iron) and is present in every cell. This has lead to a significant dependance upon supplementation to optimize zinc levels.

Supplements Are Not Created Equal Essential to so many functions within the body, the quality, bioavailability and tolerance of zinc supplementation is critical in giving your body what it needs to grow, function, repair and defend itself. Proven to be 40% more absorbable then gluconate forms, Pure Zinc optimizes zinc levels quickly, without the need to suffer the common nasty side effects of digestive discomfort, nausea and/or diarrhoea or constipation.

Why choose us?

Therapeutic Doses

No Harmful Fillers & Preservatives


Dairy & Gluten

3rd Party Tested

USA Made

Product features.

  • Immune Support

    Acts to neutralize free radicals and enhances the body's inflammatory response; boosting your immune systems response time and enhancing long-term immune health.

  • Reproduction Support

    Essential for cell function and healthy tissue development, in particular, DNA synthesis and cell division, supporting a healthy reproductive system.

  • Heal and Rejuvenate Skin

    Protects skin’s lipids (fats) and fibroblasts; supporting skin appearance and managing skin irritation, rashes, or wounds - acne.

 Pure Zinc
  • Energy Production

    Assisting with over 300 enzyme reactions, optimal zinc levels in the body helps boost energy levels.

  • Natural, Pure and Trusted

    Contains only pure ingredients; nurture and protect your body, without any of the Nasties. Kosher and Halal friendly

  • For Sensitive Stomachs

    Clinically proven to be highly tolerable and gentle on the stomach!

And much more...


Magnesium Stearate free


Gluten free

Zero preservatives & artificial colors

No Binders & fillers

Sugar free

Ingredients carefully chosen Pure. Gentle. Real Results.

Clinically formulated from 15 years’ experience

Happiness Guaranteed

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No Tummy Issues At All!

No Tummy Issues At All!

The Best That I've Tried

The Best That I've Tried

Frequently Asked Questions

Our zinc supplement, contains Zinc Bisglycinate, which is a highly absorbable amino acid chelate. In it, the zinc is bound to two molecules of Glycine, which allows it to pass through the gastro intestinal tract without breaking down, until it gets to the intestines, where the body is able to optimize and utilize it. This means that it is far less likely to cause gastrointestinal symptoms, such as stomach cramps, constipation or diarrhoea and is highly absorbable.
Yes! Our Pure Zinc formula does not contain any genetically modified organisms. It is 100% GMO-FREE. We endeavour to produce all of our products, where possible, to be Non - GMO
No. All of our products are Magnesium Stearate free. As we are able to produce high-quality supplements without using magnesium stearate, we choose to leave it out of all of our products.
As with any supplement, Pure Zinc takes time to work. Everyone is different, and will have a different level of zinc deficiency, so it is very difficult to give a definitive answer. That said, some people notice a difference almost immediately, while others may take a few months to get their zinc levels up to the recommended levels. Some people find that they need to take it every day, if their diet is low in zinc. You will be the best judge on how it is working for you.
Our Pure Zinc is Gluten free! It is also free from magnesium stearate, sugar, salt, dairy, yeast, wheat, soy, preservatives, artificial colors and artificial flavors.